Net Metering

Install your own Photovoltaic Station with SUN ENERGY SOLUTION with the Net Metering Program and reduce your Electricity Bill up to 80%.

Photovoltaic Parks

SUN ENERGY SOLUTION has already constructed dozens of photovoltaic projects that achieve very high yields across Greece.

Autonomous Photovoltaic Systems

Our know-how and many years of experience allows us to design and implement an Autonomous System that meets the customer's needs in the most cost-effective solutions.

Photovoltaic Mounting Systems

SUN ENERGY SOLUTION has designed, studied, contructed and installed its own mounting bracket for photovoltaic panels whose manual tilting can be achieved very easily and with absolute safety by ONE SINGLE PERSON.

Engineering Projects

SUN ENERGY SOLUTION has the ability to construct and renovate all kinds of engineering projects (household,business, industrial, energy producing/saving installation etc.) adjusting it to your own wishes and needs.